Electioneering or the display of any signs outside the polling stations which are directly or indirectly related to the elections are prohibited on the day and the eve of the elections February 5th, the Chief Returning Officer said on Wednesday in a press release.

On the basis of the electoral law provisions offenders are guilty of a criminal offence and, on conviction, are liable to imprisonment for up to one year or a fine of up to €5,000 or both.

Ηe also reminds the representatives of candidates that during the sorting and counting of the ballots at polling stations they are not allowed to touch at any point the ballots or take pictures using their cellphones.

The representatives are just observing the process and the counting is carried out exclusively by the staff of the polling stations, he adds.

The presiding officer has the authority to ask them to leave the stations if they violate the provisions of the electoral law.

The Chief Returning Officer also notes that the use of a mobile phone within the polling station is prohibited, apart from the presiding officer and only for purposes of communication with the district’s Returning Officer.

The polling station’s presiding officer is authorised to expel from the polling station any person who uses their mobile phone. Strict instructions have been issued to this extent which do not rule out the arrest of a person or persons who attempt to use their mobile phones while in the polling stations, the Chief Returning Officer adds.

Cyprus goes to the polls for presidential elections next Sunday. A second round is scheduled for February 12th.

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