Director of the Government Printing Office, Petros Xenophontos, handed over the ballots for the presidential election runoff to Overseas Returning Officer, Kyriakos Kouros, and presented a sample of the ballot paper, on Tuesday. He noted at the same time that since Sunday night the staff of the Government Printing Office has been working continuously to have everything ready for the coming Sunday, when the second round of the Presidential Elections in Cyprus will take place.

“This work must be done very quickly because the window of time is only three days. So, since Sunday night we have been here continuously so that we are all ready for the coming Sunday,” said Director of the Government Printing Office, adding that 610,525 ballots have been prepared, which will be distributed to the districts of Cyprus according to the number of voters.

It is noted that the counting of ballots has been completed for some districts of Cyprus, while it continues for the rest.

On his part, the Overseas Returning Officer, Kyriakos Kouros, referring to the overseas polls, said that a thorough check will be made regarding the ballots that will be received. Since the electoral officers have returned from abroad, the delivery of ballots to the electoral officers will start from Thursday, he said.

He added that the overseas voters are 10,346 and the printed ballots are over 11,000.


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