Cypriot traditional singer Kyriakou Pelagia sadly passed away on Saturday at the age of 86.
Known as Mastorissa, for her unique interpretation of Cypriot folk songs, Pelagia had given another dimension to the genre bringing youth closer to folk music.
Government officials, political parties as well as the general public expressed their condolences to the family while praising the Cypriot singer’s voice and character.
“Kyriakou Pelagia was the voice of tradition,” the office of President-elect Nikos Christodoulides said in a statement.
“(She) was loved by the world like few other traditional singers because of her unique voice, her special interpretation, spontaneity, simplicity and ethics, inspiring and paving the way for younger performers to become involved in traditional Cypriot singing,” the statement added.
In his own tweet, outgoing President Nicos Anastasiades said Pelagia’s death is a “great loss for the culture of our country.”
“With her voice and the Cypriot folk song she succeeded in teaching the Cypriot culture to our young people,” he added.
Born in Paralimni on July 8, 1936, Pelagia was the daughter of the traditional singer Damianos Kouzalis and Maria Koutsoluka who had an appreciation of traditional songs.
The singer is known for her major hits Ipa Sou Htenistou Lion and Pertidji Mou Mitsostomo.
Pelagia was excellent both in singing but also tsatista and poetry. In 1987, she published the poetry collection Cypriot Verse.
She had two sons and a daughter with her husband Georgios.
Her funeral took place on Sunday at Ayios Georgios church in Paralimni.

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