Six more bodies of Turkish Cypriots were found in the rubble of hotel ‘Isias’ in Adiyaman, where a group from Famagusta Turkish Maarif College were staying when the catastrophic earthquakes struck the neighbouring country.

The group consisted of 24 students, four teachers, and eleven parents who travelled to Adiyaman to participate in a volleyball tournament.

As of Friday afternoon, the confirmed death toll from the delegation has risen to 22, while 13 are still missing.

Four people – a teacher and three parents – have escaped alive.

Famagusta Turkish Maarif College

Additionally, ten more citizens of the Republic died in other areas of Turkey. According to Cyprus News Agency, six Cypriots were found dead in Hatay, three in Kahramanmaraş and one in Osmaniye.

Three citizens of the Republic are missing in Hatay.

Cypriots prepare for funerals

The bodies of ten victims were returned to Cyprus ahead of their funerals, Turkish Cypriot media reported.

The first funerals took place on Friday in the old town of Famagusta, where relatives, friends and politicians gathered to pay their respects to the deceased.

‘Education Minister’ Nazim Cavusoglu who is in Adiyaman said that the remaining bodies will be transferred tonight to Cyprus via a charter flight.

Cavusoglu noted that a total of 55 bodies have been unearthed so far from the ruins of the hotel, where Turkish Cypriot rescue missions are operating.

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