The following letter was sent by the Board of British Cypriots to Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis
to mark the anniversary of the Holocaust:
The occasion of the Holocaust Memorial Day brings back memories of the greatest genocide and the worst human suffering this world has allowed to happen. The trauma your people have endured makes every civilised society more determined to apply zero tolerance to such atrocities and propaganda suggesting any kind of antisemitism.
As communities, we must eliminate any kind of racism and unite to ensure that peace, tolerance and friendship prevails for future generations. Cypriots welcomed the Jewish people at Karaolos and Dhekelia camps after WWII. Mr Papavasiliou chartered the exodus ship and has been honoured by Israel. Cypriot and Jewish communities have a lot in common and live side by side in London. With strong family and community values we work hard to educate our children at the best universities and take positions of responsibility.
The Board of British Cypriots, consists of a group of British Cypriots, most of whom are refugees or children of refugees since the illegal invasion of the Republic of Cyprus by Turkey in 1974. We are fighting for our human right to return to our ancestral homes in the occupied north of our motherland. Our properties have been unlawfully occupied for 49 years. We aim to work together to ensure that the future, for all our children, can bring hope and opportunity, based on good values, human rights and respect for others.
The Republic of Cyprus is being threatened, on a daily basis, in the Eastern Mediterranean by Turkish drilling manoeuvres and by the presence of Turkish armies ready to enforce the division of our country into two states. We are watching with horror Erdogan’s armies in Syria, Libya, Azerbaijan and Iraq, while drones and ships are invading the Greek airspace and Cypriot waters. We hope that peace will prevail and we remain strong friends and allies with our Israeli neighbours.
Together let us light a candle and pray for those that perished. We send our warmest wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Doros Partasides, Marie Nicholsby, Stella Dinenis, Antonis Savvides
On behalf of The Board of British Cypriots Executive Committee

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