The beginning of the year is symbolic as it always gives us fresh hope, ideas, and for change to improve everything. We often speak of exercise and fitness, healthy eating plans and what can possibly be done to create change. My personal belief is that if we start by clearing out the clutter around us, be it cupboards, rooms, surroundings etc, this also improves our mind for clearer thinking. As we clear the clutter in our environment, get rid of things we no longer use or require, it often makes us feel calmer, happier and in control. A tidier place can make for a relaxed mind.
For those that work at home, it is a common problem for so many – the difficulty of settling down and trying to focus on work when the surrounding environment is untidy; the mind may keep drifting to what needs to be done in the home – tidying up, putting things away, the washing, dirty dishes. Whatever it is, it doesn’t allow the mind to totally switch off and be fully engaged in the work that has to be done from home, that would have been done out of home and in an office elsewhere. Therefore, if an office room is a possible option, then it most definitely makes sense. Although many cannot always have a separate room for an office, even a corner in a room makes a better option than just planting everything on a kitchen or dining room table. It keeps it tidy, out the way, and often behind you when it is time to sit and relax in front of the TV. This strategic placement then allows for switch off time from work, so work does not enter your head whilst trying to relax. This is where organizing a room and keeping it all as clutter free and tidy helps to keep the mind clear for the appropriate choice of time activity. Out of sight and out of mind really is appropriate here.
The old saying of a ‘tidy home is a tidy mind’ genuinely works. When the place is all clean and tidy, you are not worrying about those things that would otherwise need attention.
Another thing that can be done to allow for a clear mind is to write everything down in a notebook – hand written or phone pocket memo is all fine – so long as it is written down somewhere, preferably all in one place and not on different scraps of paper all over the place to be misplaced. Keeping a note of everything allows the brain to relax freely, rather than think ‘I have to get a gift for that friend’, or ‘have I run out of sugar, flour’ or whatever it happens to be. Have a piece of paper handy in the kitchen to write your list down as you use the last of something or about to throw away an empty packet, as you may easily forget by the time you go the supermarket store. A simple little system can work really well for those who are forgetful.
Keep everything organized, use boxes and label them, keep everything it the correctly labelled box or drawer and you won’t be looking for things, for example, all different chargers in one drawer, all bills in their order of priority, all paperwork in priority of attention and in a separate pile. All this allows the mind to relax more. If you are forgetful, this really helps.
Clutter in our living room space suggests blockages in our social life, as well as the relationship with our own self, yet a cluttered bedroom is said to be possibly related to issues surrounding sexual self, or possible fears of intimacy roles.
Studies have shown that people experience a significant decrease in the stress hormone cortisol when items are cleared, helping one to feel more stable and relaxed. So get clearing and get everything in order to your liking, make it all aesthetically pleasing, yet practical for your use. If you have to do a few rooms, do one at a time so you can see a difference, otherwise you will feel like you are going round in circles and getting nowhere.
Clearing and getting everything is a systematic order is also very therapeutic, it allows for ease of thinking, slowing the mind down and gaining focus, clearing out all that clutter that would normally hinder our concentration level and productivity. It allows for maximizing of time as it is not wasted searching for those things that could have been placed anywhere. It also allows for a fresh approach to thoughts and ideas for so much more motivation and creativity.
Get going and clear out all the clutter!

Love and Sparkles
Samara x
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