It is the New Year, when we have a fresh start to another year, a beginning of new hope, dreams and plans of achieving new goals and reaching new heights, whether you are one of those that decides to make New Year Resolutions or just sets yourself targets.
The past few years have restricted many possibilities of change and charging ahead with some of those plans we had and we may have just dusted them off or sat on them, but there are no restrictions and nothing to hold us back now.
So don’t just sit and wait for things to happen, because it is unlikely to do so. If you want change, you have to get the ball rolling.
So, let’s get started…get those ideas down where you can visibly see them, write down your desired outcome and leave space for possibilities of going even further and beyond your initial expectations. Sometimes life throws us great surprises far beyond our intention or expectancy. If things are written down and put in an order of what steps need to be taken first, it just makes things clearer, allows for change and course of direction.
Often the step or course of direction we started at may come across a problem and we have to reroute our direction or divert off the original track; sometimes the hurdle may cause a little delay but we should still reach the destination if that is our whole purpose of where we are meant to be. We will still end up there, allowing for divine timing; the delay may have been for a reason, for it all to come together at the right time, this does not mean sit and wait for it to all happen, if you don’t plant those seeds, you will only get weeds, so cultivate those ideas and action it with emails, calls, social media, set up a real meeting with whoever you need to speak with and whatever you have to do to get things moving ahead.
Create a Vision Board – vision boards can be fun, you can find some pictures from magazines or printed off from an online source, stick it to a pin board, even if it is as simple as changing your physique with some healthy eating and exercise – put some photos of how you could look in six months or a year with photos of how you want to look, use a picture of the ideal body with your head on it, or if it is a picture of you in the car of your choice, limo or even the helicopter arriving at some event, or wherever you see yourself at in 1 or 2 years, or however long it takes. Apply pictures of maybe how you look, the clothes you will be wearing, where you will be living, dining, holidaying, the award you may have achieved, whatever it is you desire – use this fun visionary board to inspire and motivate you towards attaining your goals and ambition.
Be realistic with goals, don’t set it up as a new year’s resolution with times that are stringent, where it does not allow for those unexpected hurdles. You don’t have to tell others you have a new year’s resolution or place a time on it, as it often applies pressure on you personally for trying to keeping to that date and time when things may be beyond your control and delayed. You may then feel you failed or feel silly for not doing what you said you would. Just go ahead with a fresh approach to a new year of beginnings.
Steps may include learning a new course of study, so look for the appropriate course of what you need to study and find the place to do it and book yourself on it. Whether you need to talk to a few people with your ideas, then email or book that meeting to get towards the next stage. Each stage is a stage closer, don’t be afraid that it may be rejected, many amazing ideas were rejected first by someone before being taken on by someone else and becoming superbly successful; one person’s negative thought becomes another’s positive success.
Be fearless not fearful. Venture out with gratitude for what you have already and have gratitude to the possibilities of what can happen.
The world really is your oyster, all you need is good health, so take good care of yourself. With good health you can achieve anything you want. Don’t hold back!
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