Business administration and law were the most popular studies among university students in Cyprus in 2021 according to an infographic on Young Adults and Education, published by the Cyprus Statistical Service (Cystat) on the occasion of the International Day of Education celebrated yesterday.

These two studies are preferred by a more than a third of male students (33.5%) while preference among women amounted to 26.5%.

Studies in arts and humanities followed with women preference amounting to 17.7% while preference among men amounted to 7.1%.

Social sciences, journalism and information ranked third with percentage among women at 14.9% and men 9.6%, the infographic said.

Engineering, manufacturing and construction was more popular among male students with 19.6% with preference among women reaching 6% while education garnered overwhelming preference among women with 11.8% compared with men whose share was just 1.6%.

Male students had a higher share in Information and Communication technologies with 8.6% with the respective share among women at 2.4%.

In the field of health and welfare, women had a percentage of 11.3% compared with 9.1% among men.

The data concern young people aged 25-34, with the majority, namely 58.2% having a tertiary education level followed by high school education level with 31.8% and below high school level with 9.9%.