A. Mavroyiannis can revive the effort for a solution of the Cyprus problem

Article by AKEL MP Andros Kyprianou

Friday 30 December 2022, “Haravgi” newspaper

It is obvious that DISY is trying to whitewash its government and the policies it has been pursuing. The government ruling forces are seeking to convince people that these policies are absolutely correct, arguing that they are being applied in most countries all over the world. The global picture of these policies, however, is one of inequality. According to global statistics, the 10% of the world’s richest people control 76% of the world’s wealth, while 50% of the working population own just 2%.

I am not totally negating the work that the government has done over 10 years. But over the last 10 years 8 billion euros have been shifted from working people to profits. Is that an achievement to be proud of?

Price hikes and expensiveness with regards the energy sector and essential food items are soaring and the support provided to people is inadequate. Foreclosures has been the biggest concern of the poor in Cyprus in recent years. What other achievements does the government have to show for itself? The haircut on bank deposits. The dissolution of the providence funds. The sale of Cyprus Airways. The dissolution of the Cyprus Co-operative Bank. Privatisations.

The area of corruption is the only achievement in which the government has emerged as EU champion. We have witnessed the ‘golden’ passport scandal. The case of the black spy van and wiretapping/surveillance scandal. The government’s notion of appointing the “Excellent of the excellent” [cronyism/clientelism]. 204 million euros have been lost from the VAT on the granting of citizenships. We have seen clashes between institutions. The unacceptable situation in the Central Prison is a disgrace for a modern state, with deaths, rape and drug trafficking.

It is not only AKEL that is saying these things. Unfortunately, the World Bank, the European Council, the European Parliament and many international media have pointed them out on numerous occasions.

What is the current situation surrounding the Cyprus problem?

Turkey is becoming more and more aggressive and intransigent. One would have expected the international community to punish it. Instead, it is letting Turkey off the hook. But why? Are we closer to a solution today? Quite the opposite is true! We are unfortunately on the verge of the permanent partition of Cyprus and it will take many efforts to bring us to the point of resuming the negotiations based on the agreed framework for a solution.

The worst thing is that for the first time the position for a two state solution has been put forward by the Greek Cypriot side, by the President of the Republic himself. Why have we reached this point? Contradictions, regressions, expediencies and incompetence. I stress this incompetence in relation to N.Christodoulides.

What was N.Christodoulides telling the Cypriot people back then? He was saying that in the Exclusive Economic Zone [EEZ] of the Republic of Cyprus Turkey will not be able to cause us any problems. Turkey subsequently roamed around [in the EEZ] and was drilling undisturbed. On Turkey’s opening of the enclosed area of Famagusta, N.Christodoulides was telling the people, that Turkey’s threats were ‘communication games’ to serve pre-election considerations. The Turkish side is opening Famagusta by employing the piece by piece method. N.Christodoulides was talking about sanctions being supposedly imposed {by the EU] on Turkey that would supposedly hurt it. 3.5 years have passed and only 8 employees of the Turkish energy company have been put on a blacklist.

That is precisely why we decided that AKEL would support Andreas Mavroyiannis. He recognises what the situation is on the Cyprus problem. He has a plan regarding the next steps that coincides with what AKEL has proposed to the President of the Republic in December 2020 and unfortunately he has not taken us into account at all. He has the will to launch an effort for a solution to the Cyprus problem. A person of honor, a man characterised by honesty and sincerity with social sensitivity.

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