A group of young creatives from Barnet were awarded ’Best Group of the Year’ for their short film Generation Verified, at a virtual awards ceremony on Friday 22 July.

The film, coproduced with Youth Realties and commissioned by Barnet Public Health’s Resilient Schools Programme, was an opportunity for the students to experience all aspects of scriptwriting, acting, film making and directing.

This talking tool will be available for all schools with lesson plans and signposting and used in families and communities to help children dealing with these issues and encourage conversations.

The Group of the Year Award was given by YPii DMH (Young People’s Involvement in Digital Mental Health), a research group at the university aiming to increase opportunities for young people.

Tamara Djuretic, Public Health Director, said: “We recognise that the challenges this generation face are unique – the challenges of social media, digital world pressure, and fear of missing out. Generation Verified addresses these challenges and showcases the creative skills of young people and the power of co-production. I would like to congratulate our young residents on this well-deserved win.”

Jayne Abbott, Resilient Schools Manager, said: “I wanted to showcase what young people experience online in a way that was meaningful and had the lived experience at the heart of it. This film reinforces that co-production and ensuring that young people’s voices are heard is central to all we do in supporting our youth.”

Dr Aislinn Bergin, Research Fellow at Nottingham University, said: “We were delighted to present Barnet Young Voices as joint winners of the 2022 YPii Involvement Team/Group of the Year Award. We really wanted to recognise the clearly impressive dedication of the Barnet Young Voices group, particularly as they were not already an established involvement group.

“We really loved that the team recognised their lived experience and that the group clearly felt comfortable working together on these important issues.”

Nationally 90% of young people have their own laptop, spending up to 4.5 hours a day online, according to a recent report by Childwise. Most young people have a mobile phone and reported that “they couldn’t live without it”

The Barnet Public Health and the Resilient Schools Programme are proud to share ‘Generation Verified’: a film led by Barnet Young Voices: Generation Verified: A film Led by Barnet Young Voices – YouTubeExternal link

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