Fythkiotika weaving: Meet the Cypriot women determined to keep their fabric craft alive
Irène and her daughter can be found creating gorgeously woven textiles at the Fyti Weaving Museum, which is free to enter all year round.

However, as 52-year-old Diamant explains, the artform has seen a drastic decline in the past decade, as more and more young people have started leaving rural areas.  

“Nowadays, there are not many young girls living in the village, very few, so they are not taught to use the loom,” says Diamant.

But the two women are determined to keep the Cypriot craft alive and inspire the next generation to learn the traditional artform.

“We love our art, our work, we love it. Even though I’m old, I want to continue to sit at a loom for at least an hour a day because I learned it and I want to continue doing it,” says Irène

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