Cyprus Health Ministry on Sunday announced that there has been a rise in COVID cases with travel history the past weeks, both in tourists and Cypriots who travelled abroad.

The Ministry urges the travelers to follow certain instructions while traveling abroad, pointing out that it seems that there is a new spread in SARS-COV-2.

The Ministry points out that the danger varies depending on the destination and calls on citizens, who are on high risk, to be extra vigilant in their transportations in order to avoid severe infection and hospitalization.

In the announcement the Ministry refers to the benefits of vaccination and the protection the jabs offer, but points out that even full vaccinated citizens need to comply with the rules.

Travelers are advised to check the instructions and measures in effect in the country of their destination by visiting the following websites:

Re-open EU, IATA Travel Centre and CDC COVID-19 Travel Recommendations by Destination

Additional information can be found on the embassies and consulates’ websites or on countries’ Health Ministries website.

In case a person has fever or symptoms of the respiratory system such as cough and difficulty in breathing, he/she is urged to postpone his/her travel.

During the travel abroad people are urged to follow personal hygiene measures such as wearing a face mask, to frequent sanitize hands and practice social distancing.

After returning to Cyprus citizens are advised to check for symptoms for 10 days, to isolate in case they have symptoms and test themselves and contact their GPs informing them on their travel.

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