The Ministry of Health is set to prepare for a potential new wave of the covid-19 pandemic this coming fall, as discussed on Wednesday afternoon in a meeting of the Minister, Michalis Hadjipantela, with the Consulting Scientific Committee, which is currently suggesting stricter checks for entrance in hospitals and closed structures.

As announced by the Ministry of Health, following the meeting, the Committee suggests that visitors in hospitals and closed structures should present a 24-hour safepass, instead of a 48-hour one, due to the increased risks, after the latest increase in the number of covid-19 cases. Also, rapid-test stations are expected to operate in hospitals, to check patients, visitors and employees.

Also, the Ministry, after the evaluation of the data regarding infections and hospitalization of cases, will proceed to reinforce the information campaign on self-protection, hygiene and self-test, before and after visiting crowded spaces. Personal physicians and patients will be thoroughly informed on anti-viral medicines and vaccination for persons in high-risk groups.

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