If it is deemed necessary, additional measures will be taken against the further spread of COVID, Cyprus’ Health Minister, Michalis Hadjipantela, said on Saturday, a day after the use of masks indoors was reintroduced, following a spike in cases in recent weeks. 

Replying to questions by members of the press after a visit at the Latsia Health Centre, on whether further measures would be introduced, the Minister said they were constantly assessing the situation. 

He also said he would listen to the opinions of the experts on this matter during a meeting next week and “if we must take any additional measures, we will”.

Responding to a comment that Cyprus is the first country that has brought back the use of masks, he expressed the conviction that other countries would follow suit within the coming weeks. 

Asked whether his Ministry was concerned about the rising numbers of hospitalisations and the requirement to increase hospital beds, Hadjipantela said that hospitals are ready. Next week, he added, another private hospital will join with 30 more beds for coronavirus patients. He said he didn’t believe there was any problem.

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