As communities continue to emerge from the pandemic and months of isolation, the St Demetrios Greek School took the opportunity to gather and celebrate in an evening of music, dance and culture.

With its GCSE and A-level grade pupils in full swing, performing traditional dances as well as a modern twist on some of the classics, it was an exceptional showpiece of what 2nd and 3rd generation Cypriots can do when we work together and try and preserve our heritage.

The music was performed by London Greek Radio’s very own Chris Theoxaris and the guests were greeted by the chairman of the Greek School, Andreas Chrysanthou, who offered a few words of unity and spoke with pride about how well the school has been performing in recent times.

The school was founded in 1972 and, supported by the Church, has been the pillar of the community in Edmonton since then.

Andreas said, ‘as we see numbers in our Greek School is in the UK decline over the years, the St Demetrios school has been fortunate to find a good blend of good quality education and fun for all its pupils so that they can continue to grow and perform to high standards. With our intake numbers on the Saturday school now oversubscribed, this evening is an opportunity to showcase why we’re all so passionate and committed to our school.’

On offer on the evening was a finger buffet of a cold Greek Meze and the Cypriot Community Centre offered a fully stocked bar to accompany the music and dances until midnight.

Great work guys and we look forward to the next one.


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