20 July 1974 – just five days after the foreign-engineered coup of the Greek Junta and EOKA B – the second part of NATO’s plan was executed…The betrayal reached its climax. The door had – as agreed – been opened to the invading NATO Turkish army by the Greek junta and EOKA B.
The invading Turkish army landed unhindered on Cyprus soil.
The sky filled with paratroopers, bringing death and destruction.
Turkish fighter jets with lethal napalm bombings brought mayhem and terror, scorthching the earth and people.
The unequal and betrayed battle had commenced.
Like lambs to the slaughter, many of them suffering torture and imprisonment by the fascists of EOKA B, the brave lads of Cyprus rushed to defend their homeland from the foreign invader some of them armed with just Second World War guns…
The Greek junta officers and the fascists of EOKA B abandoned them, while others gave deliberately misleading orders, some even suggesting that it was some NATO exercise. Meanwhile the fascist controlled radio was engaging in nationalist jingoism and spreading lies. The defence fortifications had been undermined, even dismantled whilst arms and forces were sent to combat the resistance in Pahos and elsewhere. The numerous testimonies of betrayal have been well recorded in the “File on Cyprus’.
Unimaginable betrayal…high treason.
Too many heart-breaking stories and testimonies of the sheer hell that unfolded.
The new nightmare had just begun on that 20 July…
This was a conscious decision to sell out our homeland, to dissolve the Republic of Cyprus with the assassination of President Makarios, overthrow democratic legality and impose a Greek junta puppet “government”, to divide and subordinate our Cyprus to US NATO interests through their obedient servants in Greece and Turkey and their willing collaborators and tools in both communities.
We are still suffering the bitter and painful consequences of that twin crime committed against our Cyprus and the valiant Cypriot people.
We are still burying our dead, some of us lucky to receive their remains in a small box delivered.
We are still refugees in our own homeland.
The occupation of almost 40% of our Cyprus is ongoing and being strengthened
The continuous colonalisation of the occupied areas by Turkey is increasing and Turkey’s control is suffocating the Turkish Cypriot community..
New fait accompli are being imposed on the ground – and not only in Varosha.
The guilty and perpetrators are now accusing the victims of the tragedy. The campaign of falsifying the historical truth is intensifying. Shamelessly, the ruling DISY and others are even calling for Cyprus to join NATO whose “important strategic ally” is still occupying Cyprus….even being hailed as a “peacemaker” today by NATO and Western governments.
The evident and shameful US-NATO-EU policy of double standards and hypocrisy applied to the Cyprus problem is an insult to our people…No talk here of any sanctions on the occupying power Turkey for example…
We shall continue the struggle for the reunification of our common Homeland and people for a Cyprus that will belong to its people, not to any foreign “guardians” or “protectors”.
They are fooling themselves if they think we will yield and give in!
We shall never compromise with the occupation!
We will vindicate the sacrifices of so many people so that Cyprus becomes a garden of peace!
That’s the vow we give today, the same vow that guides are daily struggles…

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