As COVID cases hike in Cyprus, the Cabinet decided on Tuesday to make face masks mandatory again in pharmacies, clinical labs and testing units.

A press release issued by the Ministry of Health says that a rise of all epidemiological indices as well as in hospitalisations due to new variants and sub-variants has been observed in recent days.

The Ministry urges citizens to use a face mask and sanitize their hands pointing out that personal responsibility is of the utmost importance.

The press release also says that the Ministry in cooperation with the members of the scientific advisory committee assess all data and if needed measures will be taken for the protection of public health.

Face masks in the above places are mandatory as of June 30 and the Ministry reminds everyone that a face mask was mandatory from before for all employees and visitors 12 and older in all hospitals, nursing homes, closed units, clinics, rehabilitation centers and public transport. The Ministry of Health advises the public once again to wear a face mask in crowded places especially persons who belong to vulnerable groups or associate with people who are at risk.

The Cabinet also decided to put a price cap in PCR tests at 30 euro from 50 as of June 30. The price for self-tests is at €1.70 per piece as of July 4 while the price per package is at 6 euros (for 5 pieces). All other existing measures for COVID-19 remain in place untill July 31.

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