London Borough of Barnet is pleased to launch the early engagement on Halliwick Recreation Ground Sustainable Urban Drainage scheme (SuDS).
It is a flood alleviation scheme to reduce the risk of flooding to the properties and infrastructure in the area of Muswell Hill catchment within Barnet. The scheme proposes to build a flood storage basin which will store surface water runoff during heavy rain, in the north-eastern corner of the Halliwick Recreational ground.
The project will help to tackle impacts of Climate Change and aims to build a unique sustainable urban drainage scheme in the borough and beyond! Besides providing flood mitigation benefits, the scheme will provide environmental, amenity benefits for the local residents and biodiversity and habitat enhancements. The flood storage basin will also provide water quality benefits by treating the storm water runoff from the highways.
Council officers will be at the Community event in the Halliwick Recreation ground on 19th June, to present and exhibit the plans of the proposed scheme-as we launch our early engagement on the scheme.

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