Hot summer tips

Summer time is great – we can take advantage of the full outdoors, however, we need to take a few basic steps to protect ourselves from the sun’s rays and heat.
If we are out in the sunshine, chances are we will be hot, sticky, perspiring, which in itself can bring on heat rashes, the body ends up with clusters of red blisters, the bumps may swell, and they may become irritated or itchy as it progresses. Heat rash is not infectious, but a little TLC goes a long way; keeping the skin cool and washing the area throughout the course of the day with a non-soap or fragranced cleanser, after prolonged heat exposure, walking or exercise, helps. Carrying fragrance free cleansing wipes can be an alternative way of keeping refreshed when showers are not available throughout the day. The areas that may suffer sweat build up most are under arms, abdomen folds, between buttock folds and groin area.
Wearing loose, comfortable clothing, that allows the skin to breathe in a hot environment, avoids excessive perspiration. Light cotton is good for this. Wearing open footwear whenever possible rather than closed shoes or trainers, not only helps keep feet cool, but also helps the body to feel cool, as our feet have lots of pulse points and are sensitive to heat. Feet help control the body temperature so keeping feet cool stops the body overheating. An instant way to cool the body down is to dip the feet in cold water for a couple of minutes.
Keeping hydrated and drinking lots of water is essential to avoid dehydration, tiredness, urinary and kidney problems, seizures, getting dizzy and low blood volume shock; when loss of fluid drops, the blood volume, the amount of blood circulating in the body drops. This hypovolemic shock is a life threatening emergency. Keep that fluid intake up, whether it is fruit flavoured water, teas, hot or cold, just having plenty of fluid throughout the day, sipping regularly and not allowing oneself to actually get to hurt point.
The hair and skin may dry out, especially if exposed to the sun, chlorinated swimming pool or Jacuzzi. Chlorine seems to be an essential component in the maintenance routine of a pool or hot tub, so if those are to be used, take extra care of skin and hair. The hair will almost definitely dry out, any hair colour be it natural or applied, may also change as the sun lightens it and strips it of its natural oils – the chlorine acts as a bleaching agent and can change the colour pigment, so hair colour can change quite dramatically as well as drying it out to a straw like texture.
Keep hair prepared before going out into the sun with moisturizing oil protective hair conditioners and sprays that can also be left in whilst being out or exposed to the drying rays and chlorine.
Wearing a hairstyle in braids or a style that hides the tips and ends of the hair especially, also helps avoid those split ends being exposed and drying out further. Follow on with a head covering such as a fashionable scarf or hat can still look good as well as protecting the hair and face.
Skin will need lots of extra moisturising if out in the sun or dipping in and out of those pools and spas. Using fragrance free moisturizers, especially in the summer when perspiring far more, will help keep skin hydrated, soft and supple. There are so many to choose from now, it should not be a problem to find when doing your regular supermarket shop.
Make-up can be kept to a minimum if the skin has been out there and got a little healthy sun glow; the skin will have some more colour and just a little foundation, applied on a couple of blemished areas only, should do the trick. Applying foundation all over the face will just aggravate and run anyway when perspiring heavily. No need to heavily cake up with powder either, a little light dusting of mineral or bronzing glow powder if really desired in the evening, is more than adequate.
Make-up can be as simple as eyeliner, mascara and lipstick, and all should be waterproof to keep it smudge proof and/or running down the face. Keeping it all light and natural can be far more beautiful when you already have some natural sunkissed colour. Eyeshadow can crease with all the moisture wetness and if really an essential in your make up routine, maybe just kept for the evening glamour, and there are some specially designed cream versions just for this purpose.
Stay cool!

Love and Sparkles
Samsara x
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