A documentary on the cultural treasure of Cyprus will soon be screened by the BBC following the involvement of former President of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations and good friend of Cyprus, Deborah Androus.

Androus will be declared this afternoon honorary member of the Cyprus Tourist Guide Association as a token of appreciation for her love for Cyprus and her support to the family of tourist guides.

President of the Cyprus Tourist Guide Association Lelia Mylona told CNA that the documentary “Treasures of Cyprus” – will be part of a series of documentaries entitled “Treasures of the World” of the BBC Channel 4.

Referring to Androus, she said that she played an important role and was actively involved in the procedures to establish in Cyprus the International Training Centre of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Association, that is functioning in cooperation with the University of Cyprus.

The documentary series includes films that have been produced in various countries, such as Greece, Egypt, Malta, Gibraltar, Jordan, Turkey.

Filming took place in March this year. Channel 4 will be distributing it through its international distributors, all over the world. The film will also be shown on social networks.

Deborah Androus, who financed part of the documentary, told CNA that the documentary wants to highlight Cyprus in the world and “I am delighted to be part of it because I think Cyprus is a hidden treasure in many ways.”

Speaking about her life, she said that her father was from a small village in Arkadia and he went to the USA where he married her mother who was an American.

“I was born and raised in the States but always feel that my soul is more Greek” she said.

Her love for Cyprus began through a friendship with Titina Loizidou, a Greek Cypriot refugee who won a case against Turkey in the European Court of Human Rights.

She said that she learned a lot about Cyprus, its people, and now she feels like “an ambassador for Cyprus”.

“I guess seeing it (Cyprus) from the eyes of Titina, everything opened up. I admire so much what the Cypriots have done with what they had to work with it. There is a sense of belonging here,” she went on to say.

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