Announcement by Andreas D. Mavroyiannis
Announcement of the independent candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic of Cyprus
Agros, 14 June 2022
Today is a very important day for me. I put at the discretion of my fellow citizens my independent candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic of Cyprus in next February’s election.
In the long pre-election campaign that lies ahead of us, I will try to convince you of both the strong legitimacy and the necessity of this candidacy, as well as on the qualitative superiority and the best possible prospects it opens up for the country and its people. Modestly and humbly, with absolute respect for the institutions and for the people, with awe and a sense of duty, with dedication, determination and ethos.
Forgive me, I have no golden recipes and no magic wand. I always try to have a sense of proportion, rigor, honesty and sincerity. In this process, I know that I myself must first and foremost change, adapt and mobilise all my strengths in order to be able to respond, as a politician now, and to represent the great momentum being created for real progressive change. With companions who are wise, serious and steeled in life, genuine workers of manual and intellectual labour.
I believe that electoral victory is already on the horizon and will be the springboard to lift our country a little higher. We will fight with unstoppable energy and inspiration and with the conviction that our country can, should and deserves to see better days. With responsibility, rationalism, reliability, credibility, dignity, social sensitivity and humanism. To build the organic conditions of peace and prosperity. For our full participation in European, regional and global affairs and for our full assumption of our role as a small, but serious partner with solidarity.
I shall seek to intensify our efforts to at long last reach a peaceful and just solution to the Cyprus problem, a bizonal, bicommunal, federation, with political equality, for the benefit of all Cypriots. With perseverance and tenacity, determination and consistency, we will break down the wall of intransigence and the rock of indifference. Division cannot continue indefinitely to nullify the momentum for the reunification of Cyprus and its people. We owe it to all our people. We owe it to our dead, our missing persons and their relatives. We also owe it to our Turkish Cypriot compatriots who will have their full position, their rights and respect which they are entitled to in a reunited Cyprus.
We must also do everything we can to heal the wounds of our displaced people, to give them a perspective in their ongoing despair, to stand by the fighters for freedom and democratic legality.
At the same time, we must improve the sense of security in our homeland and maximize our deterrent power in every way and means to be constantly on full alert to address further external imposition and asymmetric threats.
We must also be aware that only with a solution of the Cyprus problem will the economy truly prosper, sharply increase healthy investment and while further enhancing Cyprus’ pivotal role in all sectors. Through the best possible practices and mechanisms, we will also effectively combat the currently widespread, adventurist tendencies and corruption.
Only through a solution of the Cyprus problem will we truly find our life’s meaning, our values and our way forward both at home and internationally.
For the prevalence of multilateral cooperation, sustainable and viable development, for policies friendly to the environment, a loving symbiotic relationship with nature. For the mitigation and reversal of the effects of climate change.
For a new energy and economic mixture that creates a solid foundation for growth, for the transition to a green economy, for the flourishing of social welfare, for the preservation and promotion of public property and respect for private space, for the continuous improvement in our people’s quality of life. For a working and business environment that emphasises distinction and social responsibility. Where entrepreneurial acumen is in synergy with the interests and rights of the working people, in synergy, osmosis and complementarity.
To make Cyprus a welcoming place for young people, their dreams and their professional and personal prospects. By reforming and adapting our education to be the cradle of our young people’s flourishing and fulfilment, with demands, with respect, with creativity and an emphasis on enhancing, framing and promoting each individual’s skills, learning, reflective knowledge and critical thinking. With respect for their dignity and confidence in their abilities.
With the state operating as a catalyst for the further flourishing of creativity, the letters, arts and culture in our country.
For a homeland where there is no longer any discrimination against women. A society that will honor and respect the elderly and provide them with everything they need for their quality of life. Where people’s ideological, personal, sexual, religious or other orientation will enrich our social fabric and our state’s and society’s demos in general. Where we will also care for those whom life leaves by the wayside, for a public space that respects and serves special needs and the vulnerable groups of the population and fully integrates them into political and social life. For the vindication, to the extent possible, of all those distressed fellow citizens.
To translate into practice the pronouncement of the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, “Human Beings are born and remain free and equal in rights”. Rights of a political, civil, social, economic and cultural nature, rights of solidarity and demands for the use of the potential of technology to expand the space of freedom and self-determination.
For sound administration, with transparency, accountability, meritocracy, efficiency and a vision, at the service of citizens, where there is no room for entanglement/interwoven interests, corruption and unfair practices. For a welfare state where modernisation, innovation, restructuring and change will be the perpetual driving force. For democracy and the rule of law and a judiciary that fully guarantees the terms of the social contract. The prevalence of the common good and not of the few against the many. With emphasis on the areas of health, employment, security, the protection of the family and the upbringing of children.
To rediscover the traces and the imaginary thread that links our history, culture and tradition to the present and to our decisive turn towards the future. With our eyes fixed on tomorrow and with unyielding perseverance in creating prospects, equal opportunities and quality of life for our children and grandchildren.
As I have long stated, the support of one or more major political forces for change can give a non-affiliated candidacy victorious prospects. I warmly thank AKEL, the biggest opposition force in the country, for its decision to support me and for its consistent commitment to real progressive change rather than procedural rotation in the exercise of power.
I believe and I am optimistic that with it’s help, as well as the expected support of other political and social forces and groups and civil society, we can bring better days to our country.
I intend to continue to elaborate specific programmatic positions/proposals with the assistance of organized groups, personalities, specialists, experts, technocrats through an ongoing dialectical relationship with our people and society, to ensure that the ambition of the vision and the content of the program meet the expectations of all of us to the maximum extent possible.
Cyprus will once again become the hospitable place of our dreams and the ambition of our people will illuminate and chart our course. I will devote all my efforts to this endeavour and your trust honors me and marks the way forward.
I invite you all on this long, difficult but beautiful and proud journey.

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