One of the three main sponsors of the highly anticipated Cypriot Wine Festival & Business Expo (CWFExpo), which this year is dedicated to the memory of our very own Neophytos Nicolaou and takes place on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd June at the Lee Valley Athletics Centre, is Marathon Food Ltd.
They are one of the largest importers of Cypriot, Greek, and other Mediterranean food and drinks into the UK. Its vast variety of products include meats, Kean drinks, olive oils, dairy products, including the oh-so-tasty halloumi fries, and so much more!
Marathon Food Ltd has been operating for almost 36 years, distributing hundreds of products to Cypriot and Greek businesses in the UK, including restaurants, supermarkets, butchers and more. It has made it possible for many families across the country to enjoy a traditional Cypriot meal or visit a Cypriot or Greek restaurant and feel like they are back in their homeland.
The company’s current best sellers are the olive oils, pulses, feta and halloumi. Additionally, you can rest assured that Marathon Food Ltd goes to great lengths to provide suppliers with the highest quality products, from the beginning of the food production process, right down to the packaging and its distribution. This is due to the fact it has been in direct contact for more than 25 years with the farmers that grow their products in the Mediterranean orchards, fields and farms. Beyond that, Marathon Food Ltd also sells its very own original brand, the ANTHOS range.
Over the years, and after much diligence, ANTHOS has become an expansion of an abundance of products. They include honey, pulses, spices, pickles and the ANTHOS halloumi which is considered one of the best quality cheeses on the market. All ANTHOS products can be perfectly incorporated into a Mediterranean diet.
Marathon Food Ltd has also worked, for many years now, with another of our sponsors, Laiko Coffee. All the products they sell have three key factors: they taste great, are high quality yet low prices, and they come with varying packaging size options.
Furthermore, aware of the impact the fishing industry can have on the environment, Marathon Food Ltd has made the conscious decision to only collaborate with local fishing communities that bring you delicious and fresh tasting fish, but not at the cost of our planet.
We are delighted that Marathon Food Ltd is not only sponsoring the upcoming Cypriot Wine Festival & Business Expo (CWFExpo), but it will also be present with an attractive stand displaying their finest products.
This will be a rare but great opportunity for Marathon Food Ltd to build partnerships with other Greek, Cypriot and Mediterranean businesses. For all visitors who will be joining in the fun at the Cypriot Wine Festival, Marathon Food Ltd’s flagship stand will be located at B16. They will also have stands selling LOEL products (B29), KEAN products (B30) and Laiko Coffee capsules (C2). Outside, you’ll be able to sample Gregoriou (allantika) products and it’s where you’ll find the delicious halloumi fries at the Halloumi King stand – don’t forget to hand over your goody bag token to enjoy these for free!
Marathon Food Ltd is located at 27 Commercial Rd, London N18 1TP. Business hours: Monday to Friday, 8.00am – 5.30pm. Tel: 020 8884 2749 / 020 8807 0655. Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Sophia Constantinides

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