Statements by Toumazos Tsielepis AKEL Political Bureau member and Head of the Cyprus Problem Bureau of AKEL:


Ukraine is also responsible for this war


12 May 2022, ‘Astra’ radio station


Ukrainian territories must not be turned into a field of an informal war between Russia and NATO, the Head of the Cyprus Problem Bureau of the C.C. of AKEL, Toumazos Tsielepis, stressed.


Speaking to the morning edition of ‘Astra’ radio station, Toumazos Tsielepis pointed out that to end the war there must be a mutually acceptable compromise, saying that this can be achieved through the implementation of the Minsk agreements and not through the militarisation of Ukraine by the forces of NATO.


T.Tsielepis sounded the alarm, noting that a solution must be found otherwise only cockroaches will survive from the outbreak of a nuclear war.


At the same time, he pointed out that Ukraine is also responsible for this war, because of its declared intention to join NATO, making it clear at the same time that the Russian invasion cannot be justified under any circumstances.

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