Keen pop fans will know that Andromache’s star has been in ascendancy across Europe for the past few years.

Born in Germany, and raised in Greece, music has always been a huge part of this participant’s upbringing; her entire family were passionate performers when it came to singing and dancing.

But Andromache first rose to widespread attention when she competed in The Voice of Greece, signing to Panik Records shortly after.

Her single, Na Soun Psema, became the artist’s big breakthrough hit across radio and streaming platforms, cementing her status as a pop star to watch.

Lyrics of Ela

English / GreekEnglish

Melodies Ringing through my head When you lay eyes on me The rush is from above It feels so heavenly Come and charge me up like electricity My remedy All in my, in my head, All in my, in my lucid dreams Take my pain away Ela Ela, Ela Ela Στην αγκαλιά μου, ζήσε άλλη μια μέρα Στην αγκαλιά μου, πάμε μαζί πιο πέρα Στα όνειρα μου, βάλε φτερά και πέτα You could be my only one Na na na na ni Aman Aa aa Ela Ela Ela Aa aa Ela Ela Ela Chemistry Moving to the beat in perfect harmony I‘ll show you what it‘s like beyond your fantasy My remedy

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