Andrea was born in London in 1959 and grew up in the West end on Great Titchfield street in his parents Greek Grocery Shop
In July 1974 the Turkish invasion of Cyprus displaced 90% of his family and his house in Arnos Grove became a refugee home for several months
He says “I witnessed the trauma first hand but at the age of 14 I seem to have suppressed my emotions
When i first heard about the peaceful military operation in Ukrainie it awoke the suppressed emotions as the same rhetoric was used by Turkey in 1974
I have been traumatised for 48 years and i am compelled to help in any way possible
I left my Herefordshire home last week and i headed for the Ukrainian border using Google Maps
My wife booked accommodation at Dortmund and Poznan and I arrived near the border last Monday
I have been operating a free taxi service for families wanting to go to towns and villages that the main coaches are not offering help from two refugee centres . Hrubieszow and Zamosc
I am doing as many journeys as possible and i have some funds available from a GoFundMe page
I have been buying food supplies and essentials that they run low of and today I bought 60 pairs of sandals and flip flops for the women to wear after they use the communal showers as they have to walk across the gymnasium floor to get to their camp beds

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