Students from Pascal English School in Larnaca aim to set a world record by sending a weather micro-satellite, with the code name “PICO”, from Athalassa Radiosonde Station, to a height beyond 147,648 feet, in order to receive images and video.

According to a Department of Meteorology press release, the students made their first attempt back in January, sending the micro-satellite up at 100,000 feet high, which sent live data and high-resolution images back to the Station. On February 18 2022, they made a second attempt and sent the micro-satellite up at 125,000 feet high.

The micro-satellite fell back to the ground with the help of a parachute, due to strong wind currents. The students will make a third attempt within the next five months, according to the Department of Meteorology.

The project is part of the “SpaceUp Cyprus 2022” event and was broadcast live online. Approximately 2,000 students from 27 public and private schools had the opportunity to participate. The event was organised by the “Cyprus Space Foundation”, with the support of the Department of Meteorology, the Cyprus University of Technology and Eratosthenes Centre of Excellence. The students also had the support of their teacher, Elpidoforos Anastasiou.

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