Hair structure is made up of a protein keratin, it is a structure that we need to take some care of if we want it to look its best. A good style hair cut goes a long way, and it can be the make or break for easy management. Good nutrition will help keep it at its best for growth and glow, and as the warmer weather approaches with more exposure to sunlight, extra care and attention will be required to keep it at its shining glory. So let’s get glowing with some top hair conditioning tips.
Of major importance is how many times you have to actually style your hair with heated appliances. If you wash your hair three times a week and then style your hair with a hairdryer, add straighteners or tongs, that hair is going to suffer with the constant stretching, pulling and overheating, and will definitely dry out if no precaution is taken. It really is important to use some products that will protect it.
Start with a good shampoo and conditioner that works well with your own personal hair type. After application of shampoo and conditioner, you should be able to glide your fingers through your hair with ease. If that is not so, and you are struggling to get your fingers through comfortably, then change your conditioning product at least to see if that makes a difference, if not then try changing both shampoo and conditioner. One of my favourites that I find always works well, is the L’Oreal Elvive range. They have a great range for various hair types and shows great result on conditioning.
After shampooing and conditioning, the hair should always be gently towel dried with a tap and pat motion, rather than a ruffle through, as the ruffling motion will shift the hair cuticle to a hap-hazard state rather than a lay flat smooth state. The difference will be tangled hair instead of smooth.
When you are about to style your hair, use a wide tooth comb to comb through rather than a brush, this will avoid putting hair through any stress and the chance of breakage. Start at the tip of the hair and working gradually, each time taking it a little higher to comb down till you reach near the root. This is far kinder to the hair as you are gently placing the cuticles to lay flat down in order rather than attacking at some length of hair where the cuticles are raised hap hazard and tangling with a comb placed over and tugging at them.
If any heat appliance is involved in hair styling, a heat protective styling spray really does make the difference by creating a protective barrier.
Styling hair lasts longer if working from wet to dry, rather than just putting tongs or straighteners through dry hair. This is because hair is a third longer when wet, so when it goes from a wet to dry state in a styling stretched form, as it dries it shrinks back to its new styled shape which will hold till it is next washed. To avoid direct heat, use some hair rollers and allow to dry naturally if possible; if the hair is thicker, apply little heat at the root area after rolled up and then allow to dry.
When using a hairdryer, always direct the heat downwards from root, towards the end tip of the hair. This once again is to keep the cuticle lying flat. Allow hair to cool before brushing out.
When brushing hair, always work in exactly the same motion as the combing method, tip downwards and then gradually going up a little higher each time and brushing down toward tip of hair. Cuticles that lay flat reflect the light making the hair appear glossy.
Tie long hair up when sleeping to avoid it getting tangled. Try not to allow ends of hair to be exposed to extreme sunlight and/or harsh chemicals. Chemicals can also include chlorine from swimming pools etc, as well as chemical changing procedures like colouring, bleaching, chemical straightening or serving at hairdressers.
Try to do a deep conditioning treatment regularly. Apply and work in the conditioner with a scalp massage using your fingertips in a small circular motion. This will stimulate the blood supply to the surface of the skin that feeds the hair with all the nutrients of the healthy food you have eaten. Apply a shower cap for five to ten minutes to retain some heat and open the pores to absorb all. Rinse off and you should be super smooth.

Salon deep conditioner:
50% glycerine
25% coconut oil
25% almond or olive oil

Apply, massage, use a shower cap and then rinse off. Apply shampoo neat first in order to remove oil easily.

Love and Sparkles
Samsara x

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