New Salamis second in the table beat second from bottom Holmers Green in spectacular style winning 8-0 in their home game in the Spartan South Midlands Premier League..
The first goal came as early as the 10th minute when Harrison Georgiou scored with a cheeky little back heel finish, Derek Asamoah scored the second and third and the reds captain Ryan Hervil added the fourth to go into the break 4-0 up. the fifth came from a Ryan corner which Johan Becka connected to.The sixth came from a Arti Krasniqi near post finish. Derek Asamoah made it a hat trick with the seventh goal. The Eighth goal came in added time from Harrison Georgiou.
New Salamis had their first meeting since their AGM and have announced the new committee.
Chairman Stathis Efstathiou, Vice chairman Sotiris Louca, Treasury Atho’s Aristidou
Secretary Lysandros Demetriou, Public relations Nick Yiapatos
Committee members
George Artimatis,Poly Christofides, Panny Phylactou, Mario Georgiou, Neophytos Neophytou,Tony Paraschou, Andrew Kouroushi, Serge Costa, Chris Kalli and Chris Charalambous.

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