Its happy world book day today

AKEL in Britain, having listened to requests from members and friends, and with respect and honour to our deceased comrade Demetris Christofias, have translated and reprinted the book of the former President of the Republic of Cyprus, in English.

Titled Πως η ανάγκη γίνετε Ιστορία / Necessity: the seed of History, it’s a political and historical legacy to the younger generation of British Cypriots, and at the same time, a tool in the party’s hands for its international activity.

The book is priced £20 and can be ordered by emailing [email protected] or call 07387 265 018.

Demetris Christofias was born in Dikomo in the Kyrenia District on 29 August 1946. He passed away on 21st June 2019 at the age of 72.

He was the sixth President of the Republic of Cyprus. He was elected President on 24 February 2008, and assumed his duties on 28 February 2008. He held the office until 28 February 2013.

At the time of his election he was serving his second term as President of the House of Representatives.

Throughout his political career, Christofias held close ties with the Cypriot community in the UK, visiting frequently as General Secretary of AKEL and maintained as President.

Parikiaki was honoured to have Demetris officially open our new premises in September 2005 and attend various functions organised by our newspaper and AKEL in Britain, not forgetting his presence at the Cypriot Wine Festival both as Leader of the House of Representatives and as President of the Republic of Cyprus. He enjoyed good relations with Turkish Cypriots, describing the minority “not as our enemies, but our brothers.”

He would always take time during his trips to London to meet with the Turkish Cypriot community, addressing their concerns regarding the Cyprus problem and other issues.


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