The European Commission has noted Ankara’s efforts to mediate between Russia and Ukraine, as well as Turkey’s condemnation of the invasion, while also encouraging the country to cooperate in the context of the EU’s response, Commission spokesperson Peter Stano told the Cyprus News Agency responding to a question on Turkey’s degree of alignment with EU sanctions on Russia, given that it is still a candidate country.
“Overall, Turkey has spoken out strongly, condemning the Russian aggression and supporting the territorial integrity of Ukraine and has also cosponsored the UNGA resolution” Stano noted. “These are important steps, which we welcome” he added.
“We have noted efforts made by Turkey to maintain relations and mediate among the two sides, as shown today in Antalya” the spokesperson said.

“We continue to engage with Turkey and all our partners explaining EU’s response to the Russian aggression and encouraging cooperation in this context” he pointed out.

Responding to a further question on whether High Representative Josep Borrell received the letter sent by Cypriot Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides regarding Turkey’s alignment with EU sanction with Russia, including the closing of its airspace to Russian aircraft, Stano said that “we never comment in public on communication between the HRVP and partners”.
“If the HRVP receives a letter he always responds in an appropriate manner, but we do not provide comments on such diplomatic correspondence” he added.

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