Cyprus Health Ministry announced on Friday that 6 patients passed away due to COVID and 3,020 new cases were diagnosed. The positivity rate stands at 3.26%. Total deaths rose to 895 and cases to 347,876. The Ministry said that 113 people are hospitalised, of whom 22 in serious condition.

The deceased are 6 women, a 88-year-old who died on 2 January, a 29- year-old who passed away on 8 March, a 84-year-old and a 83-year-old who died yesterday, as well as a 93-year-old and a 82-year-old who passed away today.

Of the 21 patients in serious condition, 7 are intubated in an ICU and 14 in an ACU.
Figures show that 52.34% of the patients are unvaccinated. Moreover 20 patients who are no longer infectious, are intubated in an ICU.

Today a total of 92,720 tests were carried out of which 4,121 were PCR tests and 339 cases were diagnosed (Positivity rate 8.23%).

A total of 88,599 rapid tests were done and 2,681 cases were diagnosed with the positivity rate standing at 3.03%.

In the framework of contact tracing, 459 PCR tests were conducted and 55 came back positive (Positivity rate 11.98%).

The rapid tests were 761 and 83 cases were diagnosed (Positivity rate 10.91%).

On private initiative 1,656 PCR were done and 231 cases were diagnosed (Positivity rate 13.95%). Rapid tests totalled 36,688 and 1,780 cases were reported (Positivity rate 4.85%).

In the framework of the testing by the Ministry of Health a total of 51,911 rapid tests were conducted and 901 came back positive.

At testing units, the rapid tests were 15,542 of which 582 were positive (Positivity rate 3.74%).

In elementary schools 119 cases were found from a total of 19,720 rapid tests (Positivity rate 0.24%), in high schools 10,802 tests were carried out and 145 cases were diagnosed (Positivity rate 0.69%). In the framework of Test-to-Stay 3,095 rapid tests were done and 29 came back positive (Positivity rate 0.94%). In nursing homes 843 tests were carried out and 2 cases were diagnosed (Positivity rate 0.24%), in closed units 1 case was detected in a total of 145 tests (Positivity rate 0.69%) and in public services 4 cases were detected in a total of 1,003 tests (Positivity rate 0.4%).

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