Cyprus’ Health Ministry announced on Monday 2 deaths, 2,356 new cases and 150 hospitalisations. Total deaths rose to 856 and cases to 322,516. The positivity rate stands at 1.84%.

The deceased are a male 67 years old who passed away yesterday and a female 80 years of age who died today.

The Ministry announced that 37 patients are in serious condition of whom 15 are in an ICU and 22 in an ACU. Figures show that 60% of the patients are unvaccinated. Moreover, 20 patients who are no longer infectious are intubated in an ICU.

Today`s cases were detected from a total of 128,114 tests of which 9,513 were PCR and 358 cases were diagnosed (positivity rate PR 3.76%).

The total number of rapid tests were 118,601 and 1,998 cases were detected (PR 1.68%).

In the framework of contact tracing 380 PCR tests were carried out and 45 cases were detected (PR 11.84%) while the rapid tests were 727 of which 50 came back positive (PR 6.88%).

On private initiative 1,836 PCR tests were conducted and 203 cases were diagnosed (PR 11.06%), 59,779 were rapid tests and 1,347 cases were diagnosed (PR 2.25%) .

In the framework of testing by the Ministry of Health a total of 58,822 rapid tests were done and 651 cases were detected while in testing units 17,229 rapid tests were conducted and 379 cases were diagnosed (PR 2.2%) .

In elementary schools 20,170 tests were conducted and 72 came back positive (PR 0.36%), in high schools 11,841 rapid tests were done and 57 cases were diagnosed (PR 0.48%). In the framework of test to stay program a total of 4,804 rapid tests were done and 65 cases were diagnosed (PR 1.35%). In special schools no cases were detected in a total of 722 rapid tests while in the army the tests were 331 and 1 case was diagnosed (PR 0.3%), in nursing homes the tests were 1,477 and 21 came back positive (PR 1.42%), in closed units 169 tests were carried out with 3 positive (PR 1.78%), in public sector services 1,074 tests were done and 3 were positive (PR 0.28%), in industrial zones in 278 tests no case was diagnosed.

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