Readjustment plan on entertainment venues being finalised, Health Ministry spokesperson says
CNA – CYPRUS/Nicosia 02/03/2022 11:04
The readjustment plan on entertainment venues is expected to be finalised on Wednesday afternoon during a meeting between Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela and the members of the advisory committee on coronavirus, the Minister’s spokesperson, Constantinos Athanasiou, told CNA.

The plan, which concerns an assessment of business activities based on how easily coronavirus can be transmitted in these establishments, is to be submitted to the Council of Ministers for approval on Thursday, he added.

It has already been sent to the members of the advisory committee, who are to submit their positions during the meeting later today.
Athanasiou explained that the plan, puts business activities into categories based on high, medium and low risk of transmission of the virus so that people will know what they need to enter these premises, either for those who are vaccinated or who are not.

At the same time, Athanasiou added, there are other suggestions from the members of the advisory committee that will be evaluated, whether they have to do with the test-to-stay measure, or with the period of restriction.

“The aim is to simplify the whole process of taking restrictive measures and to make them understandable to the citizens,” but also to slowly return to normalcy without any risk of deterioration of the epidemiological picture, he added.

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