The Cyprus Peace Council (CPC) held an anti-war meeting yesterday Sunday to protest against the invasion of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine. The Cyprus Peace Council is the only Cypriot organization that has organized two anti-war events on Ukraine, with a mass and bicommunal character.
Unfortunately, at the end of the event, an attempt was made to suggest that the CPC did not denounce the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Nothing is further from the truth. In both the speeches and slogans that were heard at the meeting the Russian invasion of Ukraine was denounced unequivocally. There was a call for an immediate ceasefire and the withdrawal of the Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine. At the same time, a call was issued to all sides to commit themselves to the resumption of negotiations in order to restore and secure peace through diplomacy and dialogue with respect to international law. We consider any attempt to distort the character of yesterday’s anti-war event as unfortunate.

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