House of Representatives President Annita Demetriou has highlighted the contribution of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage in the efforts to conserve, preserve and showcase Cyprus` monuments.

Demetriou received on Monday the Greek Cypriot co-chair and members of the Committee Sotos Ktoris, Ioannis Karis, Alecos Tringides, Katerina Frangoulidou and Natalie Neophytou, a Parliament press release says.

“The President of the House of Representatives praised the Technical Committee`s contribution in the efforts to conserve, preserve and showcase out country`s cultural heritage monuments,” it notes.

It is further added that during the meeting Demetriou was briefed on the completed and ongoing projects, as well as on the development of digital tools which will provide the new generation of Cypriots the possibility to get to know Cyprus` cultural diversity.”

On his part, Ktoris underlined that the Committee`s operation is based on a culture of mutual understanding and respect and assured the House President that it will continue to work for the benefit of the protection and respect of Cyprus` cultural heritage, the press release concludes.

Established in April 2008 the bicommunal technical committee on cultural heritage is dedicated to recognise and protect the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the island.

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