Cyprus Health Ministry announced on Saturday that four more COVID-19 patients have died, while 2,812 new coronavirus cases have been traced. The positivity rate stands at 3.58%.

The total number of deaths due to COVID-19 is now 899 and of COVID-19 cases 350,688.

The four people who have died are a 98 year old woman who passed away on March 11 and a 59 year old man, an 84 year old woman and an 81 year old man, who all passed away on March 12.

A total of 110 COVID-19 patients are treated in hospitals, 17 of them in a critical condition, of whom 5 are intubated.

A percentage of 53.64% of the patients who are in hospital have not been vaccinated.

Moreover, 22 patients who have ceased to be contagious continue to be treated in an Intensive Treatment Unit, due to COVID-19, and are intubated.

A total of 78,517 tests were carried out, 3,324 using the PCR method and 75,193 using rapid tests.

During contact tracing a total of 102 PCR tests were done and 7 cases were traced. Moreover 916 rapid tests were carried out and 93 cases were diagnosed.

Also 1,406 PCR tests were carrid out at the private initiative and 229 cases were traced. Furthermore 42,302 rapid tests were done at the private initiative and 1,476 cases were diagnosed.

Through the Health Ministry`s programmes 32,891 rapid tests were carried out and 1,064 cases were traced.

Moreover, 31,378 rapid tests were done at the sampling sites and 952 cases were diagnosed.

Also 597 rapid tests were carried out at homes for the elders and 19 cases were traced.

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