Cyprus announced four deaths and 2,114 new COVID-19 cases on Friday, while 137 patients were being treated in hospital. So far 329,674 cases were recorded in the Republic of Cyprus.

The deaths concern two men aged 68 and 83 who died on Thursday and two women, 79 and 90 who died on Friday. This brings the total deaths from COVID-19 to 873.

According to the Health Ministry, 137 patients with COVID-19 are being treated in hospital, including 30 who are in serious condition. The majority (12) of the 13 patients who are being treated in Intensive Care Units are intubated. Another 17 patients are in Advanced Care Units. More than half of patients with COVID-19 being treated in hospital are not vaccinated (57.67%).

On Friday, 107,650 tests were carried out and 2,114 positive cases were detected. The positivity rate is 1.96%.

In total 283 cases were detected from PCR tests and 1,831 from rapid tests.

The new cases concern 118 from contact tracing, 1,300 from testing on private initiative and 710 that emerged through the rapid testing programme of the Health Ministry.

From testing at the mobile rapid test units, 432 cases were detected, 87 cases emerged during testing in primary schools, 86 in high schools and 32 through the test-to-stay measure. Another four cases were detected in nursing homes and two during testing in industrial areas.

The Health Ministry clarifies that the numbers in the daily announcements are indicative and may vary based on the final and updated data announced every other Friday in the National Epidemiological Risk Report.

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