Businesses across the eastern region are being urged to take action to improve their cyber security, following the invasion of Ukraine.

The Eastern Region Cyber Resilience Centre (ECRC) provides cyber security service to businesses across the region.

Detective Superintendent Paul Lopez said: “While we are unaware of any current specific cyber threats to UK organisations in relation to events in and around Ukraine, this is a timely reminder of the importance of ensuring businesses protect themselves from cyber security threats and reduce the risk or impact of a cyber-attack.”

Steps that businesses can take to improve their cyber security include:

Check your backup systems are running correctly and that you have an offline copy of your backup
Verify access controls: removing old accounts, checking staff are using strong, unique passwords, and enabling multi-factor authentication if possible
Check your system patching and ensure that all devices, business systems, and internet-facing services are patched
Review and update your incident response plan
Brief your staff: ensure that colleagues across the organisation understand the importance of cyber security and how to report any suspicious activity

To find out more and for full guidance on how to improve your organisation’s cyber resilience visit the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) (opens in new window)

Businesses can also join the ERCRC for today by signing up here (opens in new window)

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