Around 25 guests enjoyed a private screening of the Queens of Amathus documentary, taking place at the Greek Cypriot Brotherhood in London. In attendance was Panikos Panayiotou (Producer and Director); Petros Kkolas (Production Co-ordinator), and Christa Savvides on behalf of Antonia Michaelides (Campaign Co-ordinator).


This award-winning documentary re-lives the migration stories of over 20 Greek Cypriot women, who traveled from Cyprus to Birmingham both before and after the 1974 Turkish invasion. United by their stories of personal sacrifice, poverty and war, the interviews on screen saw the audience laughing and crying along with them.


All aspects of life were covered, from personal sacrifices, separations, reunions and hilarious misunderstandings as the ladies recalled the times they confused Greek words with English… including one occasion when a marriage proposal was being offered.


The screening was followed by a Q&A session led by the Producer and Director, Panikos Panayiotou, who shed light on the next goal: the creation of a second, UK-wide documentary, to capture more stories of first generation, migrant women across the UK, before they are lost in time.


For anyone interested to watch the  Queens of Amathus documentary, future public screenings are expected to take place at the Cypriot Wine Festival 2022.

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