Intimidation and bullying, in whatever form it may take, wherever it takes place, can never be tolerated.
Cypriot society must unite to combat this phenomenon which affects children and young people in particular. AKEL is launching a parallel effort, both inside and outside Parliament, with this goal.
AKEL, in cooperation with EDON Youth Organisation, is today launching a campaign to raise awareness of the phenomenon among society – especially youth – so that a powerful NO TO EVERY FORM OF BULLYING is heard. We address every citizen, family, young person and child, every institution and professional and call on everyone to cooperate and act to combat and eliminate the phenomenon that is manifested in schools and other areas such as sports, the army, at the workplace, in the family and the social environment and now the internet.
We are currently continuing our consultations with governmental and social bodies, the scientific community and other professionals in order to formulate new modern, comprehensive and effective legislation on the phenomenon of bullying. In order to develop preventive actions within society and schools, to support policies for victims and intervention programmes aimed at both perpetrators and witnesses of bullying phenomena. These are essential elements that unfortunately do not exist today.
With this campaign we want to put our own contribution to this struggle that must unite everyone.
With a strong legislative framework in place and preventative actions on the one hand and efforts to raise awareness in society on the other, we believe and hope that we will put the slogan into practice.

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