Intervention by AKEL MEP Giorgos Georgiou in the plenary of the European Parliament, 16 February 2022
“The issue of Ukraine: Make room for peace”
The CIA predicted war yesterday. It didn’t happen…
Did some people perhaps want it?
Do some need it?
A lot of money is made from the sale of arms, gas and trade.
The US talks about aggression of others when it itself spend 800 billion on military spending, when it has 800 military bases all over the world with thousands of its soldiers stationed in Europe.
Mrs. von der Leyen is threatening Russia with the imposition of mass sanctions. But she doesn’t tell us who will pay the cost. Perhaps the European peoples too?
And the European tail of NATO is watching the developments in its own backyard with discomfort.
Chancellor Olaf Scholz and President Macron have declared:
“Without Russia feeling safe, Europe is not safe.”
Let us listen to the voices of reason.
Let Europe stand its ground. That is what its history demands. To stand firmly for peace and against war.
There must be a diplomatic solution now that will ensure: no enlargement of NATO towards the East and a simultaneous withdrawal of Russian troops from the borders of Ukraine.
Give space for peace.

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