Our new Tree and Woodland Strategy has cleared an important hurdle as councillors recommended it be adopted by the County Council’s Cabinet.

The Strategy sets out our approach to improve tree and woodland management in Hertfordshire, as well as outlining our ambitions to establish 1.8 million new trees in the county by 2030.

The establishment of 1.8m new trees will support our target to improve nature across the county by 20% by 2050 as outlined in our Sustainable Hertfordshire Strategy. In addition, the 1.8m new trees will also play a role in improving air quality and reducing carbon in the atmosphere.

The strategy also outlines the ways we will improve the management of existing trees and woodlands in Hertfordshire to ensure that they remain as healthy as possible while providing maximum benefits to landowners, wildlife, and residents.

The strategy also includes plans to allow residents and businesses to play their part in establishing and enhancing trees and woodlands in their local communities through grant schemes and volunteering opportunities.

Eric Buckmaster, Executive Member for The Environment said:

“This strategy clearly sets out our approach to increasing the number of trees across Hertfordshire, while also better conserving and protecting our existing trees and woodlands. This approach will play a vital role in our work to tackle climate change and its effects locally.”

“There are also a number of added benefits, the most obvious being the positive impacts on our residents physical and mental health. The ambitions in the Tree and Woodland Strategy will be pivotal in our efforts to make Hertfordshire a cleaner, greener, healthier county.”

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