Possible relaxation of measures will depend on the Scientific Advisory Committee, Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela told CNA on Thursday and  added that the number of cases and the decrease in hospitalisations have stabilised while the next few days are expected to bring better results.

Asked if there will be decisions for relaxation of measures, the Minister said a decision will be taken after he meets on Tuesday morning with the Advisory Committee. He said we need to wait until Tuesday, adding a lot can change until then and it depends on the number of cases and hospitalisations.

Surely, he said, there will be recommendations from the scientists for relaxation of measures. After the two sides will meet on Tuesday he will take part in the weekly cabinet meeting.

Regarding the current situation in the country, the Minister said it is good but there should not be complacency and “we need to examine any findings very carefully.”

However, the Minister said “we are doing very well” with hospitalisations below 200, adding that he is waiting to see how things will progress in the coming days and decide accordingly.

On the “test to stay” measure, he said it is proving to be successful and this is proven by the number and tests done daily. The measure will be adopted by the National Guard and hospitals, he added.

In a remark about the number of deaths due to COVID in February, the Minister said it is a global phenomenon, noting they are people who have not been vaccinated. “We are appealing one more time to people to get their vaccines so they don’t end up in hospitals”, Hadjipantela added.

Regarding vaccinations, he said they number around 3.000 a day which is a satisfactory number.

“I want to convey the message that people should abide by the measures, test frequently and not be complacent”, he added.

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