More than 100 Haringey families are benefiting from new council homes at the Rosa Luxemburg Apartments site in Tottenham Hale as part of the first large-scale building programme of its kind in a generation.

The new development is split across two blocks and will provide local residents with quality homes that are safe, affordable and economical to live in.

Through the Neighbourhood Moves Scheme, the council aims to support residents who are under occupying or overcrowded in their properties. Many of the residents who expressed an interest in moving into the new Rosa Luxemburg Apartments were previously living in severely overcrowded accommodation – typically one and/or two- bedroom housing.

Two of the apartments have been fully adapted to meet the needs of residents who were identified with additional housing requirements, including families with complex disabilities. In addition to this, there are 16 wheelchair accessible units, four lifts, two roof terraces and a communal area which provides outdoor seating and a children’s play area.

Sustainability has been a significant focus throughout the planning and delivery of Rosa Luxemburg Apartments. Each of the homes have been fitted with a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery unit (MVHR), which provides fresh air and improved climate control, whilst also saving energy by reducing heating requirements. Photovoltaic panels have also been fitted on the upper roof to reduce the amount of electricity used from other sources – instead natural sunlight will be converted into energy that can be used in communal areas.

There are 240 spaces to keep bikes safe – allowing residents to stay fit and active as well as providing easy access to Down Lane Park and through to the Tottenham Marshes. Walking and cycling is a key priority for Haringey to keep residents healthy.

Cllr Ruth Gordon, cabinet member for House Building, Placemaking and Development, said: “The new Council homes at Rosa Luxemburg will benefit more than 100 families in Haringey, who will be rehoused in high quality, safe and affordable accommodation.

“Our bespoke housing programme enables us to work closely with residents and support their individual needs and requirements. I’m extremely proud of how far our programme has come and I am committed to ensuring Haringey residents are provided with a home that is suitable for them and their families.”

Simone Samuel, resident at Rosa Luxemburg, said: “The opportunity to give your children the best you can and most importantly, what they deserve is a feeling I cannot describe – as a mother, that’s all you want to do.

“I have three children and we outgrew our previous home, and we needed more space. This new apartment, given to me by Haringey Council, has enabled me to give my eldest child who is now five years old, his own room. It was such a special moment for us all – especially him as he was so happy. Seeing this filled my heart with so much joy.

“This is the start of a new journey and will provide us with better living conditions and a happier home environment.”

Building homes is a top priority for Haringey and the Council has committed more than £1 billion into delivering its ambitious housing programme. The new Rosa Luxemburg apartments accounts for more than 10% of Haringey target to reach 1000 homes completed or under construction by March 2022.

More detail about Haringey’s home building programme can be found here:

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