Cyprus conveyed the position that there should be mandatory resettlement of migrants from countries currently receiving large numbers of Ukrainian refugees, said Interior Minister Nicos Nouris after the extraordinary Justice and Home Affairs Council held in Brussels on Sunday afternoon.
Nouris said that the EU’s Interior Ministers expressed their support to the sanctions being imposed on Russia, and also condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
“In addition to the decisions of the past few days, the Council of Ministers of the Interior decided today to activate a specific EU directive that allows for temporary protection to Ukrainians wanting to move away from the country, while also expressing our support to those countries neighbouring Ukraine and receive the largest numbers of Ukrainian refugees today” he added.
“Cyprus asked and argued for the application of mandatory resettlement from these countries if they request it, so that there is real solidarity towards the countries facing this migratory pressure today” Nouris said.
“Poland, which is facing the largest pressures today, needs exactly this increased support, and our position is that if it is requested, there should be mandatory resettlement and not voluntary” he underlined.

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