Cyprus mustn’t become a launching pad neither for NATO, nor the British!

Symbolic event organised by the Cyprus Peace Council outside the British Bases of Akrotiri against the arrival of “Typhoon” fighter jets

Protesters gathered outside the Akrotiri base on Sunday morning organised by the Cyprus Peace Council (CPC) to express opposition to the involvement of the British Bases in Cyprus in the Ukrainian crisis, following the arrival of four ‘Typhoon’ fighter jets for patrols in Eastern Europe.

Speaking at the protest event, organised by the CPC, its President, Tasos Kosteas, denounced “the involvement of the British Bases in war preparations in our wider region”.

Cyprus is a living example of how foreign bases do not solve problems and do not provide security, but instead promote militarisation and perpetuate tension, he said, pointing out that our country “is a living example of how internal conflicts can be exploited by foreign countries to force peoples to be dragged into foreign interventions/raids”.

The crisis in Russia-Ukraine relations is in itself a constant source of danger, he said, noting that the presence of so many troops from foreign countries is an extremely dangerous development.

Stressing that over the past 20 years, 14 new member states, mostly from Eastern Europe, have joined NATO and that this would supposedly promote peace and security, he underlined that instead, today more than ever before, we are seeing greater tensions, military spending and preparations for the waging of wars.

Never before, Tasos Kosteas continued, has a catastrophic war been more likely in the heart of Europe and stressed that “the tension is being carried over to Cyprus with the recent arrival and stationing of four ‘Typhoon’ fighter jets in Akrotiri”.

We believe that, the presence of the British bases has never been a factor of stability and has never been favourable for Cyprus, the CPC President said and adding that, “their participation in any military confrontations in the region exposes us to serious dangers and undermines cooperation with neighbouring countries”.

The Cyprus Peace Council, he noted, condemns the involvement of the British bases in Cyprus in military conflicts and demands the removal of these aircraft.

Furthermore, Tasos Kosteas said that a military conflict on the Ukrainian-Russian border would not only harm the peoples of the countries involved, but would be fatal for the whole of Europe.

“War preparations must give way again to diplomacy. Peace cannot be held hostage to strategic and energy interests,” Tasos Kosteas concluded his speech.

A delegation of the Cyprus Peace Council subsequently handed a memorandum to a British bases representative.

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