NEPOMAK are delighted to announce the return of our two flagship programmes, NDCP and NCCT, after two years of cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


NCDP and NCCT offer young diaspora Cypriots from across the globe the opportunity to visit Cyprus and learn more about the island’s culture and history. Both programmes are heavily subsidised thanks to the incredible support of the Government of Cyprus and the Youth Board of Cyprus.


Applications are now open for both NDCP and NCCT and will close on Sunday 20th February at midnight. Don’t miss these fantastic opportunities to explore your culture, history and heritage!


Note: If you applied and were accepted for either of the cancelled 2020 trips, your place has been automatically deferred and you should have been contacted by your local NEPOMAK branch with information about how to confirm your place for 2022. If you haven’t heard anything or have any questions, please contact us via [email protected]




Ages: 18-22

Dates: 4 – 29 July 2022

Application Deadline: 20 February 2022


The NEPOMAK Discover Cyprus Programme (NDCP) is a unique three-week experience that gives participants a crash course in Cypriot culture and heritage. Participants take Greek language classes and visit historical sites. It is also a fantastic way to meet and build lifelong friendships with people from across the world with around 50 young diaspora Cypriots from the UK, USA, Australia, South Africa, Canada and Greece taking part every year.


NDCP highlights:

  • Connect with your Cypriot culture and heritage
  • Visit historical and religious sites, natural wonders and cultural hotspots accompanied by expert guides
  • Learn language and history through an engaging and certified course at the University of Cyprus
  • Try traditional dancing with a professional dance teacher
  • Enjoy tasty cuisine and experience Cyprus’ unique nightlife
  • Meet fellow young Cypriots from around the world
  • Participate in the NEPOMAK World Conference (where you will get to hear from the President of Cyprus and other top policy makers)


More info: nepomak.org/ndcp

Apply: nepomak.org/ndcp-app


A truly unique experience. After only a few weeks in Cyprus, I left with lifelong friends from all corners of the globe! All whilst forging a deeper connection to our Cypriot traditions, culture and language. Wish I could do it all again!

– Nethie Savva, UK, NDCP 2017


Every day on NDCP was unique compared to the previous day and I will always hold this trip so close to my heart. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat and strongly suggest any person considering NDCP to go for it!

– Natalya Yannikarkis, South Africa, NDCP 2018


“When they said NDCP changes your life, they really aren’t lying. In 2014, I had the privilege of being accepted to participate on this trip of a lifetime. Spending 3 weeks exploring this beautiful island with other Cypriots from all over the world, we immersed ourselves in the culture, history, food, and of course the nightlife. You truly make the most amazing lifelong friendships and memories that you will reminisce pretty much every day”

– Helena Marie-Papayianis, Australia, NDCP 2014




Ages: 23-30

Dates: 21– 31 July 2022

Application Deadline: 20 February 2022


The NEPOMAK Cypriot Culture Tour gives young Cypriots an unforgettable experience in Cyprus where they can learn about their heritage and culture, and explore Cyprus through professionally guided tours and authentic interactive experiences. It is a gateway for participants to get more involved in NEPOMAK and receive training to become future leaders in the diaspora.


NCCT highlights:

  • Visit historical, archaeological, and natural wonders plus some of the many cultural hotspots, accompanied by expert guides
  • Swim at world-class beaches
  • Learn about your history and culture through interactive experiences
  • Taste and create authentic Cypriot cuisine
  • Experience Cyprus’ unique nightlife
  • Participate in the NEPOMAK World Conference (where you will get to hear from the President of Cyprus and other top policy makers)


More info: nepomak.org/ncct

Apply: nepomak.org/ncct-app


NCCT offers an incredible opportunity for young Cypriots to build connections with the island, its people and the broader Cypriot diaspora. It provides a structured programme for the rediscovery of what it means to be Cypriot by contextualising language, religion and ethnicity through the history of Cyprus and the experiences of its people.

– Emmanuel Diinis, Australia, NCCT 2019


You are in a quaint-style hotel, take in the breath-taking panoramic mountainous view as you are in one of the highest villages in Troodos mountains. From nature hikes through the Akamas peninsula and touring historical byzantine monasteries to wine tasting tours and sailing into the sunset, NCCT is a once in a lifetime culturally immersive travel experience with professional guided tours that are both educational and fun.”

– Andrea Themistokleous, Canada, NCCT 2019


You will always learn something new through the places you visit, through conversations with the locals and through the friendships you form with other participants on the trip. Take the leap of faith and learn about your roots, your culture and who you are.

– Nicholas Nicou, UK, NCCT 2017



If you have any questions or enquiries please email us at [email protected] and find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@NEPOMAK)


NEPOMAK was founded in 2002 and is a global organisation run by, and for, young overseas Cypriots.

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