A four-year-old migrant girl, found by a UN patrol in the early hours walking in the buffer zone, close to Athienou, in Larnaca District, was reunited with her parents on Tuesday. The police announced later in the afternoon that her twin sister, who was missing, was found in Pournara reception camp for asylum seekers.

According to an announcement by the Ministry of Social Welfare, the first girl was handed over to her parents at Ledra Palace check point, by social services` officials, in cooperation with the Police and the UN.
When it became known that the girl had a twin sister, that was missing, the Police launched a search, and UN officers and farmers in the area also took part. On Tuesday afternoon it was announced that the second girl was found at Pournara camp, located in Kokkinotrimithia, near the capital, Nicosia.

Police spokesperson Christos Andreou told CNA that “a woman, an irregular immigrant, seems to have crossed to the free areas from the [Turkish] occupied territories at the same time with the twin girls and their parents. Under conditions, unspecified so far, the woman took one of the girls with her”.

He added that “it seems that the woman and the girl were transported by an unknown individual by car to Pournara reception camp in Kokkinotrimithia”.
He noted that the police were informed regarding the arrival of the girl in Pournara in the afthernoon. After investigation, they concluded that the girl was the twin sister of the girl found in the morning near Athienou buffer zone, by UN personnel, Andreou said.

The woman who brought the second girl with her to Pournara is giving a statement to the police, in a bid to clarify the conditions under which the girl and herself came together and to discover the person that transported them to Pournara.

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