On Thursday 5 May voters will be casting their ballots in this year’s local elections. Here in Haringey every council seat is up for grabs, giving residents across the borough the chance to choose who will represent their local area as a councillor for the next four years.

In the next few weeks, each household will receive a Confirmation of Voter Registration 2022 Letter with information about the election and a list of people at the address who are registered to vote. Please look out for this letter and respond if we need to make any changes.

Haringey residents are eligible to register if they are over 16 years of age (although only those aged 18 and over can vote) and have British, Irish, or qualifying Commonwealth or EU citizenship. As well as giving you a say in decisions that affect you and your borough, registering to vote has other benefits such as contributing towards a positive credit score. If you’re eligible, make sure to register before the deadline on 14 April 2022.

Boundary changes this year mean that your ward may be changing, and you may need to vote at a different polling station from previous elections. Details of your ward and polling station can be found on your Confirmation of Voter Registration Letter and on the Haringey Council website.

Find out more and register today at www.haringey.gov.uk/vote.

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