International law and the law of the sea are the only way to handle a crisis, said Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias, on Saturday, criticising Turkey for refusing to abide by the laws and electing a new ottoman approach.

In an online intervention during an event of the Glafcos Clerides Institute on the Future of Europe, he said the accession of Cyprus and Greece in the EU was a great strategic achievement. He talked about efforts to consolidate the common foreign, security and defence policy and of the common EU values for respect for international law, sovereignty and territorial integrity and preventing violence as well as respect for human rights.
Dendias said all these values should be embraced by peoples and expressed hope that the resolution of problems in the region is possible provided we adhere to the common values and rules. No dispute cannot be resolved provided that all sides have a common starting point and a common framework of rules and references and this is what Cyprus and Greece will continue to do, he added.
He also criticised Turkey for promoting a completely different and conflicting agenda that distances the country from Europe.

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